Bankruptcy and Liquidation

Bankruptcy and Liquidation

Leigh Adams Lawyers is based in Sydney CBD. We cater for clients in the Upper and Lower North Shore areas, Sydney City as well as the Eastern and Western suburbs.

We are experts in partnership bust-ups and specialise in professional negligence claims as well as company insolvency and personal bankruptcy.

Our practice pursues debt recovery claims and gives advice on damage control if you are going broke. Our experience includes how to change a bankruptcy trustee, getting companies out of liquidation, reinstating a company onto the ASIC register and we can help sue the bank for selling property at an undervalue. We understand the weaknesses of retention of title clauses (Romalpa clauses).

Our practice frequently drafts deeds of company arrangement (DOCA) when required in corporate insolvency cases, and has often been called upon to draft personal insolvency agreements (PIAs) in personal insolvency cases. We have run public examinations of bankrupts and their associated entities.

We are very familiar with Part X arrangements and have successfully defended claims by the ATO under Director Penalty Notices (s269 Notices). We know employee rights in liquidation and how to successfully defend an insolvent trading claim. We know all about unfair preferences and un-commercial transactions. We are experts at getting orders for substituted service. We also know all about company administrations and receiverships.

We also understand subpoenas and when an application to have them set aside ought to be made.

Our extensive knowledge in the areas of Insolvency and Bankruptcy means fast, effect results from a law firm which will look after you every step of the way. Give us a call today.

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