Commercial litigation

Commercial litigation

Most of us try and stay out of Court but sometimes it is unavoidable. Leigh Adams Business Lawyers acts in all types of commercial litigation matters. We prosecute contractual breaches and large and small debt recovery matters. We know how to short-cut claims made against debtors using the statutory demand procedure.

We can help aggrieved directors whose co-directors have made money from using company property on the side, without telling them. We can assist a business lender who makes business loans in good faith only to find out that the borrower never intends to pay them back, or has used the money for unauthorised purposes, or has sought to set off the borrowed money against claims which do not exist.

Much of our commercial litigation comes from business disputes, including partnership bust-ups. We help our clients by negotiating where appropriate to assist them in trying to resolve their dispute and preserve the business.

Mortgage default is on the rise and sometimes a creditor needs a Court order and the assistance of the sheriff to recover real property security. Our clients have benefited from our assistance with these types of claims for many years. However, our experience in the recovery of property is not limited to real property. Leigh Adams Lawyers assists its clients in security litigation involving other assets, including the recovery of the proceeds of their sale.

We have acted for numerous receivers, liquidators and bankruptcy trustees. We understand what their concerns are and we communicate the strengths and weaknesses of their claims (and their defences) to our clients.

Many business disputes involve intellectual property and our firm’s understanding of intellectual property litigation, including those concerning patent rights, has been of considerable assistance to clients in the recent past. Our exposure to this area has added value to the client experience and the use of barristers is reduced accordingly. We frequently do our own appearances.

Leigh Adams Lawyers assists you by advising on the procedures in the Local Court, District Court, Supreme Court and Federal Court. We understand the timeframes which apply in each of these Courts, and keep you informed of key dates and deadlines. We give you a bird’s eye view of the litigation process and your place in it. This helps give you context and a framework from which to make informed decisions about the way you want to run your litigation.

We assist you by informing you of what evidence will be needed to win your case. We take care with your own testimony, making arrangements well in advance, so that you are not rushed in preparing your affidavit evidence, where it is required. Sometimes the evidence which is needed for the case, can only be obtained from others, and we work with you within Court timetables to ensure that the evidence is obtained well in advance of the hearing. This gives comfort to you and our other clients during a time which can otherwise be very stressful.

Leigh Adams Lawyers helps their clients budget for the costs of the case by informing them of what the costs are likely to be and when those costs are likely to be incurred. We also give an all-up estimate of costs of the whole case, so that our clients can make their own arrangements for funding in good time.

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