Business and Commercial Law

Business & Commercial Law – Leigh Adams Business Lawyers assists small to medium sized business owners right across NSW to establish and maintain productive businesses by working with them to come up with the best structure with which to operate and pursue their business interests. We provide legal advice over a broad range of business and commercial issues and draft the documents required for all types of business and commercial transactions.

As a focussed commercial legal practice, we know what’s going on in the industries that our clients operate in. We place great importance on continuing legal education and training and encourage our people to engage in a variety of community activities. We take time out to keep learning and we embrace technology. We keep looking to improve our high standards.

Our clients see us because they do not know the best way to start the process or the best way to end it. What should the final result be? How can they get there? What issues should they press for? What issues should they forego? Our clients seek guidance as to the best way to manage a transaction and they want a lawyer to prioritise their goals and needs. That’s where we can help.

No two ‘deals’ are the same. So we work closely with our clients and support them in negotiating and documenting their commercial transactions. As an accredited specialist in business law, Leigh’s experience of over 25 years enables us to understand the key issues across a variety of transactions and to give our clients a comprehensive suite of skills to draw on. The earlier we become involved in the planning stage of our clients’ transactions, the greater the chance that we will be able to influence the outcome in a positive way for them.

We aim to give our clients a clear and concise understanding of their transaction, so that they can assess the options available to them to allow them to make an informed and cost effective decision. Leigh Adams Business Lawyers suggests various ways of achieving our clients’ goals, and works with them to achieve the results they are looking for.

Our clients include private companies and publicly listed enterprises, and we always work with our clients’ accountants and financial planners where necessary to ensure that each professional involved in the transaction is ‘on the same page’.

If you would like to ask Leigh a question relating to your business or you would like some general advice about the best way to proceed in a situation, don’t hesitate to call us on 02 9570 7844, or send us an email.

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