Business Contracts

There are many different types of business and commercial contracts.

We can prepare and advise you on distribution agreements, business succession agreements, licensing agreements, partnership agreements, shareholder agreements, commercial real estate leases, franchise agreements, terms of trade agreements, employment contracts, loan agreements, equipment leases and hire purchase arrangements, agreements for the transfer of assets, as well as confidentiality agreements, to name a few.

Of course, the purpose of written contracts and agreements is to communicate each party’s rights and obligations to the other. With this in mind, we ensure that when assisting you in drafting documents that you need, they are drafted in plain English. We also appreciate that not every client needs a document that goes on for 50 pages when what is needed can be said in 10 pages. We help keep costs down by tailoring our documents to the needs of our clients.

We can help you by discussing your needs and concerns and offering straight forward solutions to the issues at hand. We can help with intuitive new ways of dealing with old issues. Our advice can help you move your business forward by providing clarity and direction at the right time for the right people.

The documents that we prepare can help you because they bind the parties in the way you want them bound. As with all our services, the documents are prepared as quickly as you need them.

We can assist you by helping you focus on the key issues to be addressed in each type of agreement or contract. For example, who should be a party to the contract? And what is important to you over and above what is usually expected in such an arrangement? We look at how your particular concerns can be addressed in innovative ways and raise incidental issues that should also be the subject of negotiation, if they have not been discussed by the parties beforehand.

When raising issues with you, we encourage you and the other parties to discuss them in our absence where appropriate so that clarity can be achieved sooner rather than later. We believe that it is not always in the client’s best interests to have the parties’ lawyers be the sole communicating medium when discussing the terms of any agreement or contract.

We discuss with you the agenda of each party and how those often conflicting agendas ought to be addressed. Workable dispute resolution clauses and clearly worded termination clauses are a ‘must have’ in almost every business document. We can give you direction by mapping out for you the legal alternatives in each instance.

Our clients like the transparency with which we deliver our services. Many of our documents can be prepared and finalised in a single draft. If that is not possible, then we tell you upfront at the beginning of the retainer, and discuss an agreed way forward, so that costs are never an issue.

For an obligation-free discussion of how to best move your business to the next stage, call Leigh on 02 9570 7844.

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