Business Succession

Business Succession

The work we do in this area is wide ranging and includes the preparation of all forms of documentation regarding the entry or exit of business partners, shareholders and unit trust holders. We are fully informed of all relevant tax rulings, as well as income tax and capital gains tax considerations in relation to this specialised area. We have a number of documents with ATO product ruling approval and so you can be assured of the tax implications when using them. Our documents include various types of buy-sell agreements and insurance trusts.

We also have close contacts with insurance brokers who specialise in this narrow area. They are able to give very competitive premium quotes.

The succession process will likely involve not only:

  • the business succession for each equity owner of the group; but also
  • management succession for the group; and
  • personal succession for each group member.

These 3 areas are of course interlinked, but must be looked at independently. We can assist you in addressing all 3 so that your succession issues are resolved comprehensively with no loose ends.

Our expertise includes:

  • buy/sell agreements involving insurance-funded put and call options
  • advising on alternative buy/sell structures and associated tax implications
  • planning for inter-generational change in business ownership
  • restructuring for succession and asset protection
  • understanding the relationship between business and personal succession planning, including family testamentary trusts
  • partnership, shareholder and unit holder agreements

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