Wills and Estate Planning

Wills and Estate Planning

Our wills are cutting edge! By the use of testamentary trusts, we can ensure that:

  • income tax that your beneficiaries pay is minimised;
  • your beneficiaries’ inheritances are protected if they divorce;
  • your beneficiaries’ inheritances are protected if they go bankrupt, or are intellectually disabled or suffer an addiction;
  • in conjunction with your superannuation fund trustee, money from your superannuation fund will pass tax effectively to your nominated beneficiaries;
  • any loans made to your beneficiaries are taken into account to ensure an equitable split of your estate between your beneficiaries.

Our work in this area includes:

Estate planning is far more than just drafting a tax effective will. Very frequently it involves a review of our clients’ discretionary and unit trusts and a consideration of their business succession plans as well.

By liaising closely with our clients’ insurance brokers, financial planners and accountants, we put together estate plans which cover all aspects of our clients’ needs.

Dont’s use the 3 page will from your local stationer or non-specialist solicitor. Call us today for a fixed fee service that will pay for itself many times over.